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Arab and Islamic Studies, by T. Abdullah, B. O'Kane, H. Sakkut, & M. Serag. (1997)
Street Politics: Poor People's Movement in Iran, by Asef Bayat. (1997)
Japanese Lessons, by Gail R. Benjamin. (1997) 
Modern Girls, Shining Stars, The Skies Of Tokyo, by Phyllis Birnbaum. (1999) 
Night Market, by Ryan Bishop & Lillian S. Robinson. (1998)
Pillars of Salt, by Fadia Faqir. (1997)
Under Western Eyes, by Hongo Garrett. (1995) 
Two Dreams, by Shirley Geok-lin Lim. (1997) 
Onna Rashiku (Like a Woman), by Karen Ogulnick. (1998)
A Gift Of The Emperor, by Theresa Park. (1997) 
Arab Women:  Between Defiance and Restraint, by Suha Sabbaugh. (1996)
Palestinian Women of Gaza and the West Bank, by Suha Sabbagh
My Soul is a Woman: The Feminine in Islam, by Annemarie Schimmel. (1997)
Earth and Water, by Edith Shillue. (1997) 
House of the Winds, by Mia Yun. (1998)


The Color of Fear: Men of diverse ethnicities talk about racism, 1 1/2 hrs.
Honorable Murder: Examines the Middle Eastern cultural tradition that makes women the talisman of family honor and the practice of atoning for "dishonor" with their blood, 55 minutes.
Reinventing the Taliban?, follows Sharmeen Obaid in her travels throughout Pakistan as she exposes inequity and injustice, particularly in regard to women, while seeking to understand why and how the Taliban's ideology is being given new life in her home country, 46 min, DVD format
The Shadow of Hate: Documentary of the US history of prejudice and discrimination, 38 min.

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