Programs of Study

Ethnic/Gender Studies Minor for Bachelor's Degree Candidates 


1. That students will, during the course of fulfilling their general education requirements, take at least two multicultural intensive general education courses.

2.That students who are monolingual will take at least two semesters of a modern language other than English.


1. Students are required to take 18 semester hours of Ethnic/Gender Studies program courses, at the 300-level and above, with at least one course in each of three of the following five areas:

1) fine art, music, and theater
2) communication and literature
3) history, philosophy, geography, and social sciences
4) sociology, anthropology, and psychology
5) the sciences and mathematics

2. Students declaring an Ethnic and Gender Studies Minor after September 1, 2009, are required to take ID 301, Issues in Ethnic and Gender Studies, which will be taught each fall semester.  This course also fulfills a requirement  in the Multicultural Perspectives section of the General Education Program.

The Ethnic and Gender Studies Minor will require ID 301 and five further courses, for a total of 18 credits.  The five courses must be approved Ethnic and Gender Studies courses, numbered 300 or above, in three different academic areas (disciplines).  ID 301 is not connected with any specific academic area or discipline; rather, it is a course fundamental to the minor.  Students are encouraged to confer with the Ethnic and Gender Studies Program director for guidance in course selection.

3. Students are required to submit for approval on a pass/fail basis a portfolio (ID290) representative of their work in Ethnic/Gender Studies classes. 

4. In addition, students are required to attend on or off-campus events that center on issues of race, class, or gender, and at least eight of these are to be documented in the portfolio.


Contact Dr. Heidi Hamilton ( or 341-5703), Director of Ethnic/Gender Studies, for more information.