Ethnic and Gender Studies Program

The Ethnic/Gender Studies Program at Emporia State University is an interdisciplinary program of study, established through the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences, that serves as an umbrella program for the distinct but often related fields of Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies.  Emporia State currently offers a minor in Ethnic and Gender Studies.

Information about the Minor

Ethnic and Gender Studies are interdisciplinary fields which span the traditionally separate humanities areas of art, drama, film, folklore, history, literature, music, religion; explore the social and political problem faced by minorities and women; and investigate race and gender issues in the study of the sciences. 

Some Ethnic/Gender Studies courses illuminate the role of minorities and/or women in history and culture as depicted in one or more established academic fields. Other courses present new analysis and interpretations of particular cultural or gender-based experiences by using the methodologies and perspectives obtained from a synthesis of two or more discrete disciplines. 

As an interdisciplinary program of study, Ethnic/Gender Studies seeks to provide intensive educational experiences which will foster in students a deep understanding of the ramifications of the issues of race, ethnicity and gender in our lives.