Minor in English

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Patton
The English minor enables students to pursue a lively secondary interest in literature and in so doing to heighten their skills as critical readers, thinkers, and writers. These skills augment the expertise students gain in their major fields of study and strengthen their chances for success in such areas as corporate or government service, education, and communications.

A minor in English consists of a minimum of 18 semester hours of course work beyond Composition II. Students must take two survey courses (6 hours) but may choose the remaining 12 hours from among any of the Division's offerings.

Required Courses (6 hours)
At least one of the following (3 hours)

EG220 Early World Literature
EG230 Early British Literature
EG240 Early American Literature

At least one of the following (3 hours)
EG221 Later World Literature
EG231 Later British Literature
EG241 Later American Literature

Electives (12 hours)
At least half of the courses taken for the minor (9 hours minimum) must be at the junior/senior level (i.e., in courses number 300 or higher).