Bachelor of Arts

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Patton
The Bachelor of Arts with a major in English leads students to consider questions whose answers help to determine the well-being of individuals and cultures. By emphasizing human thought and the processes through which it develops, i.e., the close reading of texts, the articulation of ideas and aesthetic principles (both orally and in writing), and library research, the BA fosters abilities traditionally required of liberal arts students in their academic work and in their later professional lives.

See the core curriculum general education requirements in the General Education section of the course catalog for additional requirements for the BA.

Courses for the BA in English
EG210 Introduction to Literary Study (3 hours)

At least one course from EACH of the following areas:
I. American Literature
II. British Literature
III. World Literature
IV. Special Topics
V. Criticism/Rhetoric
VI. Language/Linguistics
VII. Writing

Electives for the BA
Additional courses for a total of 39 hours

Of all courses taken for the major, two must be in literature
written before 1830 and two in literature written after 1830. At
least 27 hours must be in junior/senior level courses (i.e.,
courses numbered 300 or above).