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Minor in Creative Writing Program

Contact: Amy Sage Webb or Kevin Rabas

The Creative Writing minor is a 24-hour program of study open to all students regardless of major. Through this minor, students receive guided practice in the writing of poetry, fiction, drama, and non-fiction prose as well as an opportunity to share their work with others, in both workshops and public events. Outlets for student work include Quivira, the state's oldest campus literary magazine, and the Quivira literary club, which sponsors reading, dramatic productions, and other events.

Amy Sage Webb consulting with a studentRequired Courses (15 hours)

EG280 Introduction to Creative Writing (3 hours)

EG380 Fiction Writing (3 hours) OR
EG385 Poetry Writing (3 hours)

EG580 Advanced Fiction Writing (3 hours) OR
EG585 Advanced Poetry Writing (3 hours)

EG587 Topics in Creative Writing (3 hours) OR
EG588 Studies in Creative Writing (3 hours)

EG780 Seminar in Creative Writing (3 hours)

Additional courses with a total of nine hours in English, including at least one course in 20th century literature.

Up to 9 hours of English course work may be the same for the BA degree in English and the Creative Writing minor.