Dr. Luisa Pérez

Professor of Spanish


 Dr. Luisa Perez

Dr. Luisa C. Perez is Professor of Spanish and Director of the Bachelor of Science in Education in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at ESU.  She obtained her PhD  at the University of Kansas in 1994.

She is also Director of the Study Abroad Program in Guadalajara, Mexico.  She has quite a bit of experience with Study Abroad since she has taken students to Peru, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Mexico in many opportunities.


1. Books

The Essential Spanish Phrase Book for Teachers Communication Guide for Elementary Teachers, co-authored with Dr. Eileen Hogan, published by Scholastic Textbooks, July 2007.


"Learning Vocabulary through Blackboard Chat: Learning Spanish Vocabulary through Technological Tools", accepted for publication in the Journal of Knowledge, Society, and Technology, Jan. 2007, (peer-reviewed).

"Las Grandes Teorías en la Geopolítica: Una tipología y descripción", co-authored with Phil Kelly, published by Geo Sur, Uruguay, May-June 2006, peer-reviewed.

Teorías Geopolíticas a nivel continental, co-authored with Phil Kelly. Published by Geo Sur, Uruguay, March-April 2006, peer-reviewed.

Sudamérica como una "Zona de Paz": Facilitando un modelo geopolítico, co-authored with Phil Kelly.  Published by Geo Sur, Uruguay, January-February 2006, peer-reviewed.