The Department of English offers a broad variety of courses in writing, language, journalism, and literature; specific descriptions of courses offered each semester are available before the start of registration.


A student ponders a writing assignment.Composition/ Writing
EG 001 Basic Writing
EG 100 Composition Workshop
EG 101 Composition I
EG 102 Composition II
EG 103 Honors Composition I
EG 104 Honors Composition II
EG 201 Introduction to Professional Writing
EG 207 Introduction to Literature
EG 301 Advanced Composition
EG 305 Technical Writing
EG 501 Topics in Professional Writing

EG 210 Introduction to Literary Study
EG 310 Literary Criticism
EG 510 Studies in Criticism
EG 515 Studies in Rhetoric
EG 710 Seminar in Criticism
EG 715 Seminar in Rhetoric
EG 810 Introduction to Graduate Studies

World Literature
EG 220 World Literature I
EG 221 World Literature II
EG 520 Studies in World Literature
EG 720 Seminar in World Literature

British Literature
EG 230 Early British Literature
EG 231 Later British Literature
EG 330 Shakespeare
EG 530 Studies in British Literature
EG 730 Seminar in British Literature

American Literature
EG 240 Early American Literature
EG 241 Later American Literature
EG 540 Studies in American Literature
EG 740 Seminar in American Literature

EG 350 Folklore
EG 355 Mythology
EG 550 Studies in Folklore
EG 555 Studies in Mythology
EG 750 Seminar in Folklore
EG 755 Seminar in Mythology

Ethnic/Gender Studies
EG 360 Women's Literature
EG 365 American Ethnic Literature
EG 560 Studies in Women's Literature
EG 565 Studies in Ethnic Literature
EG 760 Seminar in Women's Literature
EG 765 Seminar in Ethnic Literature

EG 370 Language and Grammars
EG 375 Grammar for Writers
EG 570 Studies in Language and Linguistics
EG 770 Seminar in Language and Linguistics

Creative Writing
EG 280 Introduction to Creative Writing
EG 380 Fiction Writing
EG 385 Poetry Writing
EG 580 Advanced Fiction Writing
EG 585 Advanced Poetry Writing
EG 587 Topics in Creative Writing
EG 588 Studies in Creative Writing
EG 680 Undergraduate Seminar in Creative Writing
EG 780 Graduate Seminar in Creative Writing

Special Topics/Miscellaneous
EG 206 Introduction to Film Studies
EG 390 Teaching Writing: One-on-One Conferencing (1 cr. hr.)
EG 392 Reading & Writing Connections
EG 490 Teaching English in the Schools
EG 592 Studies in Young Adult Literature
EG 594 Studies in Literary Genres
EG 596 Studies in Literary Traditions
EG 598 Studies in Major Authors
EG 790 Topics in Teaching
EG 792 Seminar in Young Adult Literature
EG 794 Seminar in Literary Genres
EG 796 Seminar in Literary Traditions
EG 798 Seminar in Major Authors

JO 200 Mass Communication
JO 301 Elements of News Reporting
JO 302 Advanced Reporting
JO 305 Editing and Layout
JO 490 Teaching Journalism in the Schools
JO 501 Law and Ethics of Journalism
JO 503 History and Principles of Journalism
JO 505 Studies in Journalism
JO 509 Cooperative Education: Journalism