Welcome to Geoarchaeology, ES 767XD

This graduate-level online course is divided into two sections where we will first focus on the study of geoarchaeology, and then later in the semester, archaeoseismology. You will learn about the processes involved for collecting geoarchaeological data, investigate those field techniques and methodologies, explore how past environments have influenced various human processes, and study how artifacts and other material remains can tell us about ancient peoples and cultures.

We will shift our focus to the study of the seismological subfields of paleoseismology and archaeoseismology towards the second half of the semester. You will learn how to identify evidence of paleoearthquakes in the geologic record, study the geomorphology of ground-rupturing earthquakes, and work to determine their sequential order using various dating methods and available paleoseismic/stratigraphic evidence. This course will provide you with a working knowledge of both the fields of geoarchaeology and archaeoseismology, and, hopefully, leave you wanting to know even more.