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Emporia State University Policies


Make sure you understand policies related to your responsibilities as a student at ESU. The important policies include:

Policy on Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing: Any student who wishes to drop, add, or withdraw from a course offered through Distance Education must make the request in writing or by telephone to the Distance Education office. Students may also use the online drop/withdraw form.

Refund Policy: Students should inquire with the Cashier's Office about refund amounts. Email the Cashiers Office or call 620-341-5135.

Tuition and Fee payment: Emporia State University is pleased to offer a streamlined payment process to students, faculty and staff. It is Emporia State University policy that students must pay all charges in full prior to the drop date for undergraduate students. Graduate students will not be dropped and will be assessed administrative fees. If a student does not expect to have their balance paid in full by this date, they must enter into an Extended Payment Agreement. To access your account, go to BuzzIn and go to My Account to see your tuition payment or to pay your tuition.

Request for Approval of Overload FormUndergraduate students may take up to 18 hours with permission of their advisor. (A student enrolled in one or more developmental courses will be limited to a total semester enrollment of 13 credit hours. This applies to new students beginning in Fall 1999 and thereafter.) Graduate students may take up to 16 hours with permission of their advisor (12 hours for graduate assistants).

Students with superior academic college records may petition to exceed the above stated loads. Written approval to carry an overload must be secured from the student's advisor, the chair of the department of the student's major, and the graduate dean, if for a graduate student. Forms are available in the Registration Office. The overload form must be processed before the end of the first week of classes. Failure to process the form by this time may result in withdrawal from all or part of the student's classes.

Technology Services & Policies: Information Technology (IT) maintains a technology services web site detailing the Proper Use of Technology, Email Guidelines and Procedures, Computer Hardware Guidelines, Software Guidelines, and Enforcement of IT Guidelines and Procedures. 

Questions? Contact Us

Jenny Jiang - Distance Coordinator

P| 620-341-5262 or 877-332-4249

E| Jenny Jiang

Ashley Brandt - Distance Admin Assistant

P| 620-341-5081 or 877-332-4249

E| Ashley Brandt

Jaclyn Wolf - Asst Director of ESU-Kansas City


E| Jaclyn Wolf

Ally Gomer - Recruitment Event Coordinator


E| Ally Gomer