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Emporia State University -
Kansas City  (Overland Park) 


Lindsey Warner
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ESU-Kansas City

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Denver, CO

David Willis


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Portland, OR

Pierina Parise
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Salt Lake and Orem, UT

Dale Monobe
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Salt Lake/Orem

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SLIM (The School of Library and Information Management) offers a 36-credit-hour Master of Library Science (MLS) degree, fully accredited by the American Library Association. MLS courses are designed to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional students and taught in six locations: Denver, Emporia, Orem, Overland Park, Portland and Salt Lake City.

SLIM also offers an online, 18-credit-hour Archives Studies certificate and a School Library Media Specialist program. MLS students go through classes as a cohort, which optimizes the academic support system and provides a professional network that includes 108 years of SLIM alumni. All required MLS courses are taught face-to-face in two weekend-intensive classes supplemented by online Blackboard instruction. More than 25 online electives are offered each year and at least two face-to-face courses are offered each semester at each site. ESU graduate admissions requirements include the submission of an electronic application, an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university, and all official undergraduate transcripts. SLIM admissions requirements include a statement of objectives, a current résumé, and two letters of references.  If application requirements are not met, an admissions interview may be required for probationary admission.  In addition, an initial advising session may be requested by the MLS program director as a supplement to applicaiton materials.

For more information about the SLIM application process, please go to SLIM Website