Butler Advising

General Information

It is recommended that students meet with an advisor to assist in the planning of their education career. An ESU advisor is available at Butler-El Dorado (1500 Bldg., Office 132) and Butler-Andover (6000 Bldg., Office 6434). Many questions may also be answered over the phone by calling the BEST Program in Butler-El Dorado, Butler-Andover or Elementary Education Advising Office on ESU main campus.

For Questions about Butler Community College (Butler) Associate Degree, contact:

  • Butler Advising Office
    Phone 316-322-3162

           Website www.butlercc.edu/advising

For Questions about the ESU BEST Program in El Dorado or in Andover, contact:

Schedule of Office Hours & Appointments for Advising

ESU Elementary Education advisors will be at Butler-El Dorado or Butler-Andover

Hours for Fall 2017

Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Butler-El Dorado

(Building 1500)

901 S. Haverhill Rd.

By appointment

By appointment

By appointment


Office 132

By appointment


(Building 6000)

1810 N. Andover Rd.


By appointment

By appointment

By appointment By appointment

Call or email for an appointment: (316) 322-3375 or troberts@emporia.edu.

Emporia State University Toll Free Numbers:

Distance Education 1-877-332-4249

Elementary Advising 620-341-5770
Admissions 1-877-468-6378
Financial Aid 1-800-896-0587

Helpful Butler Community College Office Numbers:
Advising 316-322-3162
Financial Aid 316-322-3121
Admissions 316-322-3255

Butler Community College's Education Website: