Voter Registration

Emporia State University is committed to the fundamental right to vote for all students who are eligible voters.  The Office of Student Accessibility and Support Services serves as the voter registration site on campus.  Voter registration materials can be obtained in the office in English and Spanish.   

Lyon County CourthouseWhen registering to vote in the state of Kansas, students are registering for national, state, and local election participation. If the student’s permanent address is in a county other than Lyon County, the student can either continue registration in his or her home county or register in Lyon County.  Applications for advance voting ballots are also available.  Voter registration forms can also be obtained online (  Students can check their registration status and find their polling place on the Kansas Voter View ( website.

Registration Requirements

To complete a voter registration application and vote in Kansas, you must meet the following constitutional qualifications:

1. Be a resident of Kansas

There is no length of residency requirement in Kansas, but a person must be registered 21 days before the election and must be a resident at the time of registration.

If you move from one county to another within the state, your name is removed from the voter list in the county of former residence and added to the voter list in the county of new residence, either by re-registering in the new county or by completing a driver’s license change of address form. If you move out of the state, your name is removed from the voter list in the county of your most recent registration. You may at any time file a written request with the county election officer to have your name removed from the voter list.

2. Be 18 years of age or older

If you are 17 years old but will be 18 before the next election, you may register to vote. This does not allow you to vote in the primary or at any other election before turning 18.

3. Be a U.S. citizen 

Note: Beginning January 1, 2013, individuals registering for the first time in Kansas are required to submit a document to prove their U.S. citizenship.

Methods of Voter Registration

Complete and sign the Kansas Voter Registration Application. There are three ways to submit your application:

  • Mail or hand deliver application to the Lyon County Election Office, 430 Commercial Street, Emporia, KS  66801
  • Fax the completed and signed application to (620) 341-3415
  • Scan the completed and signed application then email to

Online Voter Registration

You can now electronically complete a voter registration form IF you currently hold a valid Kansas Drivers License . To register to vote online, please visit the following link:

Registration Outposts

Applications are also available at many Registration Outposts near you.

  • Emporia City Clerk, 104 E. 5th Avenue, Emporia
  • Americus City Clerk, 604 Main Street, Americus
  • Kansasland Bank, 702 Main Street, Americus
  • Hartford State Bank, 208 Commercial Street, Hartford
  • North Lyon County Library,  412 Main Street, Allen
  • Olpe State Bank, 202 Westphalia, Olpe
  • Citizens State Bank & Trust Co., 402 First Street, Reading
  • Flint Hills Technical College, 3301 W. 18th, Emporia
  • Hetlinger Developmental Center, 707 S. Commercial, Emporia
  • Kansas Commission of Veterans Affairs, 702 Commercial, Emporia
  • Kansas Division of Vehicles – Drivers License Examinations, 1640 Industrial Rd, Emporia
  • Kansas SRS Office, 1701 Wheeler Street, Emporia
  • Lyon County Health Department, WIC Office, 420 W. 15th Avenue, Emporia
  • Emporia State University, Office of Disability Services & Non Traditional Student Programs, 12th and Commercial, Emporia
  • Resource Center for Independent Living, 614 Merchant Street, Emporia

Am I registered to Vote?

To confirm that you are registered to vote search for your polling place, view a sample ballot, go to Kansas Voter View and review the information.