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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accommodations

Preferred Seating: Student may need to sit in the front row in order to read your lips and/or see the interpreter. 

FM Listening System: This is an amplification device used by students with a small to moderate hearing loss.  It requires the instructor to wear a microphone attached to a transmitting device.

Real-time or Remote Captioning: This involves a captionist in the classroom or a captionist in a remote location that types what is said in class and then is immediately transmitted to the student’s laptop.

Sign Language Interpreter: This will involve working with the interpreter to establish an appropriate place to interpret, and getting materials such as handouts and or complimentary books so they have an opportunity to study vocabulary used in class.

Captioned Videos: Use videos that are closed captioned.  Be aware of how to turn on the closed captioning on equipment being used in the classroom.

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