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Department of Physical Sciences Scholarships

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Physical Sciences Scholars Award Program

This program complements and augments the University-wide scholarship program at Emporia State University. It is applicable to entering (i.e. new freshman or transfer students) and continuing students pursuing majors, teaching fields, or preprofessional programs (preengineering, premedicine, prepharmacy, etc.) in chemistry, earth science, physics, or the combined physical sciences.

New Students

New students, either as beginning Freshman or transfer students, are eligible for ESU Hornet scholarship on the basis of ACT scores and grade point average.

In addition, the ESU Departments of Physical Sciences utilizes scholarships and other funds (e.g., Space Grant) to enhance Hornet or other University scholarship awards. The criteria for enhancing a Hornet scholarship as Physical Science Scholars includes:

  • An ACT composite score of 24+ (and a minimum math ACT of 24),
  • A high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.5,
  • Relevant high school credit in mathematics, chemistry, earth science, and/or physics courses consistent with the indicated major, and
  • Substantive contact with a faculty member in the Departments of Physical Sciences so that an assessment can be made of the “match” of a prospective awardee’s background, the prospective awardee’s intended major or program of study, and the major’s (or program’s) requirements and expectations.

As funds allow, the most deserving, based on the above criteria, will be recommended for enhancement awards up to an amount equivalent to a Hornet award. Further, if awardees meet the guidelines for “continuing” students (see following section), and as funds allow, these enhancement awards will be continued in an amount equal to the first-year (or previous year) award.

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Continuing Students

To be eligible for continuation of an award, and to enable the Departments of Physical Sciences to assess the continuing commitment of a student to one of its programs, an application form must be completed by February 15 (pending an exceptional circumstance) for continuation of an award for a subsequent year.

The criteria for continuation are the following:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours per semester at ESU,
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and
  • Continue a major, teaching field or preprofessional program (evident from enrollment in relevant chemistry, earth science, geology, physics, or physical sciences courses) in the Departments of Physical Sciences.

As funds allow and as the indicators above suggest, awards might continue at a level of the Freshman (or first) year of a recipient’s award. However, based on available funds and a continuing student’s performance, an enhancement award might increase or decrease in a subsequent year.

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