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Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Programs + Minors

Undergraduate Programs + Minors

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies major is a flexible program for motivated students looking to engage with their college education on a fundamental level. Interdisciplinary Studies students take courses from multiple areas of study throughout the University and design degrees that fit their individual needs, both academically and professionally.

General Studies

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

This program is designed specifically for students who have completed a significant amount of college credit with a desire to finish their Bachelor's degrees for job advancement, continued studies, or personal satisfaction. In this flexible on-campus or online program, you take the classes you are interested in and expand your knowledge in multiple areas of study while completing your degree requirements in a timely fashion.

Ethnic, Gender, and Identity Studies


Through the coursework for the Ethnic, Gender, and Identity Studies major, students will study multiple identities and come to understand how those identities intersect and influence one another.

Ethnic & Gender Studies


Study the historical and cultural constructions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class; explore the social and political issues associated with these categories.