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Forensic Science 4+1 Accelerated Undergraduate + Graduate Programs

Get a head start on your degree

4+ 1 Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Programs

Get a head start on your graduate forensic science degree as an undergraduate student with our 4+1 accelerated programs! Earn both your bachelor’s and master’s in five years by completing your degrees simultaneously.

There are three program tracks to choose from. Work with your undergraduate academic advisor as soon as possible, as well as Dr. Melissa Bailey to make sure you take the right courses to qualify for this accelerated program.

  • Bachelor of Science, Crime & Delinquency Major - Master of Science, Forensic Science-Criminalistics Concentration
  • Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Master of Science, Forensic Science – Biology Concentration


You must complete a minimum of 75 undergraduate hours of study before applying to the graduate school. To be considered for admission to the accelerated undergraduate program, you must have a minimum 3.33 GPA overall and at least a B- in all attempted biology or chemistry courses.

You must earn a B (3.0) minimum in graduate courses taken as an undergraduate student (shared hours).  Any shared courses in which a grade of less than a B is earned will not be counted for graduate credit.

For questions about accelerated programs, please contact Dr. Melissa Bailey,, or Dr. Scott Crupper,