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Master of Arts-History

Master of Arts-History

Program description

The MA degree in History is designed for history students with a wide variety of interests, including those intending to continue on for Ph.D. work in history; secondary education teachers interested in graduate work concentrating on history, political science, or geography; and those interested in a career in public history. Other students also may find the program suitable, depending on their individual aspirations.

What can you do with this degree?

Alumni of the program currently work as historical site directors, museum curators, instructors at community colleges, and in a variety of other types of professions.

Degree requirements

Graduate students working toward an MA in History will undertake intensive study of a particular era in history through readings seminars, research seminars, internships, and other coursework as appropriate, culminating in an original research project, examinations, or a pedagogy and content-based project. For complete degree requirements, contact the Department of Social Sciences at 620-341-5461.

Non-Thesis Option

The non-thesis/exams is for students who prefer to take additional classes and have written exams with an oral defense instead of writing a thesis.

Thesis Option

The traditional thesis is the best option for those planning to continue on to earn a Ph.D. at another university.

Admission Requirements

To learn how to apply to Emporia State University, follow this link!