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Department of Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

Our department houses the disciplines of geography, history, philosophy, and political science, and the Social Sciences Secondary Education Program.

Social Science is a group of disciplines that study the human aspects of the world we live in. There is emphasis on the use of the scientific method to study humanity, including using both quantitative and qualitative methods in research. The Department of Social Sciences includes majors in History, Political Science, and Social Sciences Education, along with minors in Geography and Philosophy. In addition, we have interdisciplinary minors in Legal Studies (Pre-law), National Security, and East Asian Studies available.

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When you dive deep into a major in the Social Sciences department at ESU, you’re diving into the human mission: to craft a better world. The Social Sciences courses are designed to let you explore the society we are a part of, to understand the principles and problems of social behavior. Award-winning faculty then invite conversation about what we can do about it.

Featured Degrees

History - BA

Bachelor of Arts

Dive deep into areas of history, specializing in a specific area of interest. Careers in community education, museums, foreign service agent for the government, consultant, education.


Pre Professional Program

Emporia State is the only institution in Kansas that offers senior pre-law students the opportunity to take a special orientation course on what to expect in law school. Emporia State pre-law graduates have been accepted at outstanding law schools throughout the country and are now practicing in a variety of fields as lawyers and judges.

Political Science - BA

Bachelor of Arts

Study of legislative, executive and judicial institutions at the national, state and local levels.

Undergraduate Programs + Minors

Discover our undergraduate programs and minors including History, Political Science, and Social Sciences Education, along with minors in Geography and Philosophy.

Graduate Programs + Certificates

Discover our graduate and certificate programs.

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