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Department of Music Woodwind Ensembles

Learn more about woodwind ensembles at Emporia State!

Flute Choir

Dr. Kate Bergman, Director

The Emporia State University Flute Choir is open to any ESU student that plays the flute. This group is regularly around ten to fifteen members, rehearsing weekly for ninety minutes.

Performing a variety of music, interested students have the opportunity to play school-owned piccolos, alto flutes, and bass flutes. The Flute Choir was selected by audition recording to perform at the Kansas Music Educators conventions in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2014, and 2016, and at the National Flute Association convention in Kansas City in 2008. Additional performances each semester include tours to area schools or nursing homes.

Course: Chamber Music - Flute Choir
Course Number: MU 391H
Rehearsals: R 4 - 5:30 pm
Room Number: Heath Recital Hall

Clarinet Choir

Dawn McConkie, Director

The ESU Clarinet Choir provides students with the opportunity to perform literature arranged or composed for the large clarinet ensemble. Students will have the opportunity to play Eb clarinet, Bass clarinet, Eb Contra, and the Bb Contra Bass Clarinet. The ensemble will play both arrangements of well-known pieces and music written specifically for the clarinet ensemble. There is no set number of members to a choir of clarinets and the group consists of 7 to twenty members.

Course: Chamber Music - Clarinet Choir
Course Number: MU 391 J / MU 691 J
Rehearsals: T 4 - 4:50 pm
Room Number: Beach Music Hall / Heath Recital Hall

Saxophone Quartet

Dawn McConkie, Director

Saxophone Quartet is an ensemble reserved for students selected by the studio teacher. The program provides a progressive performance experience in saxophone chamber music. The quartets prepare and perform repertoire covering a variety of genres, including classical transcriptions, contemporary works, and jazz pieces.

Course Name: Chamber Music - Saxophone Ensemble
Course Number: MU 391 K/ MU 691 K
Rehearsals: T 4:00 – 4:50 pm
Room Number: Beach Hall / Heath Recital Hall

Chamber Winds and Student Woodwind Quintet

Dawn McConkie, Director

The ESU Chamber Winds and Quintet provides advanced training in the art of wind playing to students who have the necessary technical skills. During the semester, various works will be rehearsed for public performance. Additionally, the ensemble will read and rehearse other selected works in order to familiarize students with a variety of styles and enhance their knowledge of the repertoire.

Course Name: Chamber Music - Chamber Winds
Course Number: MU 391 A / MU 691 A
Rehearsals: TBD
Room Number: Beach Hall