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Debate Scholarship Procedures

Debate Scholarships Procedures

Procedure for Debate Scholarship Awards

  1. Complete necessary admissions steps at the Admission page.
    (You must be admitted before an offer can be made.)
  2. Fill out the Scholarship Application form.
  3. Email the Director of Debate at
  4. Make sure you meet all eligibility criteria for a desired award. Scholarship forms for the official application process will be sent out to you. Please complete them in a timely manner; deadlines are important.
  5. Stay in regular contact. ESU Debate only finalizes monetary awards to admitted students.

Eligibility for Scholarship Awards

For new students:

Any student who has made application and been accepted to Emporia State University is eligible for scholarship consideration. A scholarship application form should be filled out, as all first year and transfer students are eligible for the Alumni Scholarship. ESU Debate does not make monetary offers to students who have not applied to the university. Application are generally taken in two cycles: end of fall and middle of spring semesters. Contact the Director of Debate for details at

To apply, visit the Admission page.

For current ESU students:

Any student may apply for a scholarship award that meets current squad guidelines for GPA. Preference is given to students with extensive policy debate experience, but none is necessary, as we have given scholarships to novices in the past. Contact the Director of Debate for details on scholarship awards at


Perspective on Scholarships

Scholarships are given to debaters to assist them in competition for the coming year. They are not a reward for past success, but given to help assist and reward debaters for current effort in regards to the Emporia State University debate program. The award is a projection of what your current effort will be, based on your experience with the program. If you fail to meet that projection, your award may be reduced next year. All scholarships are subject to students meeting the Squad Guidelines.


Debaters receiving awards have the following expectations, regardless of award level:

  • Maintain an Emporia State University cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester
  • Attend a minimum of 3 tournaments per semester
  • Meet all scholarship guidelines listed above
  • Complete designated research assignments in a timely manner
  • Regularly attend weekly team meetings and coaches’ office hours
  • Be eligible to participate/compete according to national, conference, and ESU eligibility rules and policies
  • Adhere to all Emporia State University and ESU Debate Team codes of conduct