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Biological Sciences Undergraduate Academic Programs

Explore our programs for undergraduate students

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Academic Programs

Our majors are extremely flexible with a large diversity of classes and paths.

This flexibility and diversity allows students to specialize in order to receive training that will prepare them for specific careers.

Our facilities and equipment

  • Teaching laboratories and research laboratories
  • 8 University-owned Natural Areas
  • Greenhouse
  • Herbarium
  • Natural history museum
  • Microscopes
  • Various centrifuges and balances
  • Electrophoretic, spectrographic, electrophysiological, and radioisotopic analysis instruments
  • Field operated physioecological monitoring equipment
  • Various gear for field ecolog


Ecology and Biodiversity

Bachelor of Science, Concentration

This program is appropriate for students seeking a specialized program of study in ecology and organismal biology. As a biology major at ESU, you will be exposed to the principles which underlie this science of living things. You also may engage in study leading to a more detailed understanding of the area in which you are most interested, for each of the areas is tailored to meet specific interests and needs.

Fisheries and Wildlife

Bachelor of Science, Concentration

With a long history of excellence in fisheries & wildlife biology, natural history, ecology, and organismal biology, including the study of fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, plants, and invertebrates, we offer outstanding opportunities for students to specialize in fisheries & wildlife, natural resource management, and wildlife law enforcement. ESU Fisheries & Wildlife Track students conduct research in fisheries and wildlife topics and train for careers in natural resources conservation.


Bachelor of Science, Concentration

This program is appropriate for students seeking a specialized program of study in zoology, emphasizing laboratory work that includes courses in physiology and organic chemistry.

Microbial and Cellular Biology

Bachelor of Science, Concentration

This program is appropriate for students seeking a specialized program of study in microbiology and/or cellular biology.


Bachelor of Science, Concentration

This program of study is most appropriate for students wishing to prepare for careers in the health-related professions (e.g. medicine, dentistry, optometry, medical technology, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician’s assistant or veterinary medicine). These programs will require post-baccalaureate training at another institution. The Healthcare Concentration will provide the necessary pre-requisites for acceptance into these schools.

Biology Education-Teaching

Bachelor of Science in Education

The secondary education program in The Teachers College works in partnership with the biology department so you will be well-prepared in both biology and teacher education.


Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree is for students desiring a broad, liberal education. The flexibility of the B.A. Biology major allows students to pursue a specific area of interest within biology or complete pre-requisite requirements for a post-Baccalaureate professional program. The second program of study provides an opportunity for students to design a program of study on the interface of two disciplines.



The biology minor is not intended to provide students with an in-depth study of biological sciences. A biology minor can prepare you for a variety of careers, including scientific research and editing, nutrition, agriculture and more.

Pre-Professional Programs


Pre Professional Program

ESU offers a variety of programs that prepare students for dental school. The specific curriculum will be dependent upon the schools of dentistry to which the students may wish to apply.


Pre Professional Program

Pre-medical students are advised to select a major that best matches their interests and fulfills the entrance requirements for medical school. In addition to a strong GPA in the program of study, students must score well on the nationally administered Medical College Admissions Test.


Pre Professional Program

This program prepares students for optometry school. All students must contact the optometry school of their choice before applying to have the latest prerequisites. Most optometry schools recommend a major in one of the sciences. A major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or a major in Biology with a concentration in Healthcare are recommended.

Pre-Physical Therapy (Biology)

Pre Professional Program

The physical therapy professional (clinical) training programs at KUMC and WSU are both Doctor of Physical Therapy degree programs. A student must have a bachelor’s degree for admission. Therefore, a student interested in applying to these programs should pursue requirements for a degree at ESU as well as pre-physical therapy course requirements. Students are encouraged to choose a major in Biology with a concentration in Healthcare. The courses are required for admission to professional physical therapy programs at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) and Wichita State University (WSU).


Pre Professional Program

This pre-professional program prepares students for application to veterinary school.

Pre-Medical Technology

Pre Professional Program

Students interested in careers in medical technology or clinical laboratory science are advised to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in Microbial and Cellular Biology or Healthcare. After completing the requirements for this degree the student must apply for admission to an AMA accredited School for clinical training.

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