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Pre-Professional Programs - Pre-Optometry


Program description

Outstanding students may be considered for admission to optometry school after three years of college work. All students must contact the optometry school of their choice before applying to have the latest prerequisites.

Most optometry schools recommend a major in one of the sciences. A major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or a major in Biology with a concentration in Healthcare are recommended. Courses in business, psychology, and sociology are encouraged electives. Students, in consultation with their advisor, should clearly define the total requirements for admission to a specific optometry school. These include transcripts, interviews, the Optometry College Admissions Test, etc.

What can you do with this degree?

This degree prepares you for optometry school.

Degree requirements

For complete degree requirements, follow this link.

Admission Requirements

To learn how to apply to Emporia State University, follow this link!

To learn more specifics about this program, contact the Department of Biological Sciences at 620-341-5311.