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Department of Art Scholarships

Scholarships available to Art Students

Emporia State ceramics students

Incoming Students

Future Art majors applying to ESU

Incoming students
Student Photography Work

Continuing Students

Current Art majors at ESU

Continuing students

The Department of Art at Emporia State University offers the following scholarships to outstanding incoming and continuing students.

  • Art '96 Scholarship
  • Art Faculty Scholarships
  • Don L. Hazelrigg Art Scholarship
  • Beulah Holton Scholarship
  • Scott Family Scholarship Fund
  • Jean Hegenbart Memorial Scholarship
  • Jeremy Ely Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard L. Stauffer Scholarship
  • Timothy Sharp Memorial Scholarship
  • Emporia Camera Club
  • Cremer Family Scholarship
  • Rex and Ann Hall Family Scholarship
  • Donna Sue Bowers Memorial Scholarship
  • Janet H.Concannon Art Scholarship
  • David W.Kasitz Scholarship
  • Donald D.Perry Art Scholarship
  • Sammye Walker-Vanderwall Scholarship
  • Mulready's Scholarship
  • Linda Jan Ball Memorial Scholarship
  • I. M. Design Scholarship for Graphic Design
  • The Walter and Ruth Meyer Scholarship
  • Art-Aid Scholarship

Scholarship Library

To view and apply for all ESU scholarships, visit this page.