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ESU’s Liberal Arts & Sciences spans 11 departments

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) was created in 1971 with the hiring of its first dean, Dr. John “Pete” Peterson. LAS is central to the fulfillment of the mission of the larger university. The arts and sciences disciplines are the foundations of academic tradition and represent both the substance and process of the higher education curriculum. Presenting an opportunity for testing the limits of the human mind: to create; to dream; to discover the self, the world, and society; to explore ideas; and to develop patterns of life-long learning; they equip the student with vital links to the past and future, with the skills and insights necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing society, and with the learning essential to effective citizenship.

LA&S Mission Statement

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the intellectual foundation of Emporia State University.  The faculty of the College endeavor to educate students to be leaders and active citizens in increasingly diverse local, national, and international communities.  By applying the principles and academic values of the liberal arts and sciences, the faculty prepare their students to meet aesthetic, social, political, and environmental issues that face all humanity.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences aspires to be a community of teacher-scholars who value collaboration and interaction across traditional academic boundaries.  It is committed to exceptional teaching, scholarship, and service.  It endeavors to educate its students to be lifelong learners who will advance knowledge and serve the world through the application of humanistic values and scientific principles.  College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty are models of academic and pedagogical excellence which help prepare students for the professions and advanced academic study.

With the aim of helping students become thoughtful world citizens, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses of study, professional programs, and specialized centers.  Faculty in the College endeavor to promote intellectual curiosity and to encourage students to attain a contemporary, global perspective on the arts, human cultures, the sciences, and the natural environment.  The faculty encourage students to explore the social and political issues faced by all individuals, and to appreciate the contributions of diverse ethnic and cultural groups throughout history.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences seeks to accomplish these goals in a student-centered environment by emphasizing a personalized education and preparing students for fulfilling lives and successful careers.  The College is committed to continuing a tradition of providing students with opportunities to work side by side with outstanding faculty members both in and beyond the classroom.  In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students have significant opportunities for involvement in co-curricular activities and for international experiences and study.  The College's many opportunities for growth, involvement, and leadership enhance its faculty's excellent classroom instruction.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences dedicates itself to achieving prominence among liberal arts and sciences colleges in comprehensive universities as the premier college of its type in the region.  To that end, the College challenges its students, faculty, and staff to reach their full potential as lifelong learners, teachers, and scholars.

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