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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Heart and Soul of ESU Over 100 undergraduate and graduate academic programs within the Arts, Sciences + Humanities

Where learning comes to life

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is ESU's largest college and has over 100 undergraduate and graduate academic programs that will prepare you for your future, or help you advance in your career. You're in the right place if you want to be a scientist, a nurse, a police officer, a writer, an artist, a teacher, a lawyer, an artist, a doctor - the sky's the limit! Our programs are so more than just career preparation, they also provide the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to enrich your life and give you the skills to make the world a better place.





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Undergraduate Programs

Discover undergraduate majors and programs within 11 departments in Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Graduate Programs

Discover graduate programs in Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Online Programs

Liberal Arts and Sciences offers two degrees that are completely online.

Explore the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

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Programs in ceramics, engraving, glass, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

Aquatic Biology

Biological Sciences

Programs across all biological sub-disciplines preparing students for careers and professional studies.

Biological Sciences
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Preparing students for leadership, public relations, and a range of communication careers.

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English, Modern Languages + Journalism

Programs in literature, writing and languages. Amazing experiences and opportunities await!

English, Languages + Journalism
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Interdisciplinary Studies

Carve your own path and customize a degree to meet your specific needs.

Interdisciplinary Studies
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Mathematics + Economics

One of the only programs in the US to combine these disciplines.

Mathematics + Economics
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Conservatory training at a public institution. Vocal, instrumental, marching band, ensembles, orchestra and more!

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ESU nursing program is second-to-none. Grads are in-demand by hospitals and students have stellar NCLEX passage rates.

Physical Sciences Department

Physical Sciences

Programs in Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics and Physical Sciences Education prepare students for careers and professional studies.

Physical Sciences
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Social Sciences

Programs in History, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Sciences/History Education, Geography, Philosophy, Pre-Law Studies and more. Students are prepared for careers or advanced studies.

Social Sciences
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Sociology, Anthropology + Crime & Delinquency Studies

Preparing students for careers supporting families, society, law enforcement, and more.

Sociology, Anthropology, C&D Studies
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Established in 1913, students ESU students are part of one of the oldest theatre programs in the country. Students can earn a BA or BFA in theatre or a certificate to teach theatre.


Featured Programs

Learn more about some of our featured programs.


Pre Professional Program

ESU offers a variety of programs that prepare students for medical school. ESU's pre-medical program allows students to prepare to enter medical school.

Ecology and Biodiversity

Bachelor of Science, Concentration

Major in biology with a concentration in Ecology and Biodiversity.

Spanish-Modern Languages

Bachelor of Arts

Pursuing this degree prepares students for the bilingual reality in which the US is the second largest Spanish Speaking country and is on target to be the largest Spanish speaking country by 2050. With 600 million Spanish Speakers worldwide and over 50 million Spanish Speakers in the US, Spanish is the world’s fourth most spoken language.

Admissions + Scholarships

Discover the admissions process for Liberal Arts & Sciences and scholarships available to our students.

Undergraduate admission application

If you’re ready to join Hornet Nation as an undergraduate, head here!

Graduate admission application

If you’re ready to advance your degree as a graduate student, head here!

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Attractions + Centers

Learn about our attractions and centers, which include the Peterson Planetarium, the Science and Math Education Center and museums.

Attractions + Centers
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