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FAQs regarding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

A: ESU will not act as agents of ICE or work on the organization’s behalf. ESU will not automatically provide student information in response to a request. The University will respond to legally- issued warrants or subpoenas for student records
A: FERPA protects the confidentiality of student records, but there is a specific legal exception for subpoenas or warrants.
A: DACA students are not eligible for federal financial aid, so ESU does not accept FAFSA forms from DACA students and we do not have this information on record. ESU does provide institutional financial aid to DACA students who meet the criteria for aid.
A: DACA students are only eligible for institutional (ESU) aid, so the amount of financial aid available for DACA students should not be affected by a repeal.
A: This is a challenge. With the repeal of DACA, students would lose authorization to work, making attending ESU a challenge (or potentially impossible) for many students. ESU will certainly look at available assistance to support impacted students to the extent that we can.
A: Yes. We will do all we can to help students complete their degrees.