Marjorie Esther Cox Luttrell was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. Her father was a con man. Not a successful one, but he tried. When he left Esther and her mother, Esther was 13 and in the ninth grade; the last she would complete of her formal education - and yet she went on to participate in a PhD filmmaking grant at the University of Missouri in Columbia, became executive assistant to the Vice President of MGM-TV, wrote and sold screenplays, and is the author of 8 books. Living now in the Midwest, she speaks across the country, and gives Between Heaven & Earth workshops as well workshops on screenwriting, on being a writer, and on mystery writing. Conferences, groups and organizations have hosted her highly successful motivational-inspirational talk, Reboot, Rebuild, Rejoice, based on her own experiences, joys, failures and unstoppable spirit.
Luttrell advises students on screenwriting
Esther Luttrell advises students on screenwriting as part of the ESU creative writing program's Visiting Writers Series
"Invitation to a Murder"
The story is set in Topeka, Kansas, particularly in historical Potwin where turn-of-the-century mansions line both sides of brick streets. While some of the scenes move into the Westport area of Kansas City, Missouri, it is really a Kansas mystery. Paxico is featured extensively. Tiny as it is, this little pioneer town is known as the Antique Center of America. Very pictureque. Lends itself perfectly to a backdrop for Invitation to a Murder.

"Murder in the Movies"
"Katlin Wallace knows the film business and the highways and delis of the Sountern California movie-metroplex. Her story is told with such vibrancy and intimacy that I felt like the author plopped me into the passenger seats of Katie's rental cars to experience with her this blur of action and noshing. I can't wait for Kate's next adventure. This is a solid and witty romp of a book. My ultimate compliments to Ms. Luttrell. I wish I had written it."
Paula C. Acconcia

"I drew on my own MGM days to set the atmosphere in Murder in the Movies. The Florida house described in the book is actually where I lived after California and before moving to Kansas. The LA homes and apartments described are all ones I lived in during my long studio days on the West Coast. And the people...well, like they say, it's best to write about what you know. Wonder if that takes in who you know as well?"

"The Haunting of Leigh Maxwell"
A chilling suspense that delves into the heart and mind of the innocent, the prey, and the killer. Atmospheric settings, believable characters and unexpected plot twists will keep the reader spellbound. An intriguing and eerie psychological mystery.

Leigh Maxwell refuses to believe the strange things happening to her are the result of an obsession of a young, emotionally unstable maintenance man at the electronics factory where she works. Her former fiancee, attorney Mark Hollingsworth, doesn't agree. He urges her to hide away in his isolated lakeside cabin. Assured that her whereabouts are a secret from all but Mark, she follows his advice. The peace of mind she sought, however, turns to terror when a storm, and a killer, strike at once.

"Dear Dean...Love Mom"
A true account of all that Esther learned about life after death following the passing of her son.

"From the first sentence to the last, this book grabbed my heart and didn't let go. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it gave me comfort and understanding about what is really important in life. Well-written, it holds a powerful message of hope." Dianne Lawson, Topeka Capital Journal contributing writer 
Luttrell advises students on screenwriting