Why Should I Join Sigma Rhomeo? 

  • Sigma Rhomeo stresses academics and rewarding those who excel in the classroom.  We have academics expectations for members and resources to assist members during their education and into their job search.  
  • Members develop relationships with chapter alumni who can assist with resumès, job placement, marketing your Greek experience, and settling you in a new location after graduation. 
  • Sigma Rhomeo provides opportunities to meet many people who will assist you.  Educational programs will introduce you to campus resources that will help you excel. 
  • You will improve your communication and interpersonal skills through your interactions and leadership experiences.  Employers will value the skills you will develop through your Greek experience.  
  • Compared to non-Greek students, Greeks are 2.6 times more likely to graduate within six years and make about $5,000 more in their first job.