On October 16, 1936, Sigma Gamma Rhomeo became an official affiliate of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated.  The purpose of the newly formed collegiate organization was to help in the fulfillment of the sororities goals by assisting in its daily activities.  The members of the affiliate were composed of men on the levels of undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as the husbands of sorority members.  The first men of Sigma Gamma Rhomeo were inducted through a regional ceremony and are nationally recognized as those who laid the foundation for the organization. 

 On March 24, 1980, six newly inducted members of Sigma Gamma Rhomeo serving on the campus of Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical University made a decision that would alter the perception of the affiliate.  The decision was to organize a fully functional fraternity with an independent, sovereign government.  These men sought not only to offer services to their community but also to extend the right hand of brotherhood to all undergraduate/graduate students.  These men, known as “The Elite,” aspired to bring forth a new fraternity from amongst their current choices based on the ideals of dedication, responsibility, and scholarship.  Bro. Tony Stewart created a new name to represent the fraternity’s ideals: The Fraternal Order of Classy Gentlemen: Sigma Rhomeo. 

Today, Classy Gentlemen, who are also knows as “Rhomeos”, are establishing more chapters each year.  The newest chapter established is the Delta Iota Chapter at Emporia State University.  The social function of our organization provides a variety of situations in order to prepare its members for social awareness and maturity, which in return provides the vehicle whereby lasting friendships are built through fraternity life.  Together, “We strive today for tomorrow’s success.”