Personal Development 

The Rhomeo Experience facilitates personal development according to the university-wide undergraduate experience, which is designed to be intentional, comprehensive, and developmental. 

  • Intentional

    • The chance to be a leader is not only available but expected.  Chapters have leadership positions, financial responsibilities, and policies and procedures to follow, much like most organizations and companies.  
    • Rhomeo offers leadership training and development at a chapter, campus, regional, and national level. There is a specific training module for new members, for initiated chapter members, and for those holding positions within the chapter.  
  • Comprehensive

    • Within weeks of becoming affliiated with a chapter, you will have brothers with whom you will form a mentoring relationship and go to for guidance and support.  Additionally, there are chances to shadow and learn from current officers.  
    • Chapter members learn from and build on previous experiences and leadership positions.
  • Developmental

    • Rhomeo is a group of men who work together to achieve goals.  You will learn how to plan events, work with people, hold members accountable for their behavior, build relationships, and praise others for a job well done.  
    • A Rhomeo's life is service oriented in nature.  We commit ourselves to our campus and local communities.  It's all about giving back!  Once we've completed the job, then the social aspect comes into play. 
    • Sigma Rhomeo is diverse in and of itself, with members from many different racial, religious, regional, and other backgrounds.  Rhomeo's are sensitive to and educated upon diversity issues.