President Clarissa Carrillo




EVP Esmeralda Vasquez

 Executive Vice President









Odalys Perez

 Executive Secretary






Finance Lesly Rojas Rangel

       VP of Finance

        Major: Sociology

        Minor: Business

       Deciding to join H.A.L.O was one of the best decisions I have made. I decided to  join    H.A.L.O. because of my desire to be involved. I also wanted to create new friendships with other students on campus. Finding a group of individuals with who you can identify with makes you feel part of the university even more; I found this with H.A.L.O.  H.A.L.O has benefited me in many ways. It has made me realize that being united does make a difference and even though we may be a small group can accomplish great things. I have had the opportunity to attend various conferences with this organization; doing so has helped me recognize that I want to work with the Hispanic population once I graduate. I think it is very important for others to know that H.A.L.O is not just for Hispanics, anyone is welcome to join. Therefore, I believe that others should join the organization because we have various fun events that can provide new experiences for everyone. My favorite H.A.L.O memory was attending the haunted trail on Halloween of 2012. I had an amazing time with all the members that were there. 

 ViProgrammingctoria Moyer

 VP of Programming

        Major: Nursing

         I learned about HALO through some of my friends and went to a few meetings before I officially joined. I really liked how involved even the general members were and decided to join this great organization. Through HALO I have made some great connection and have become more involved in the ESU community. I encourage people to join HALO because of the leadership experiences they can gain, connections that can be made, and how strong of a voice even general members have. My favorite memory from HALO is making all the tacos before the big taco feed. 




  Arisvet Hernandez

 VP of Fundriasing & Community Service

          Major: Communication

          Minor: Business

        I am a senior and have been a part of H.A.L.O since my sophomore year in college. I joined HALO because I wanted to become more involved both on campus and within the community. Through HALO I have meet incredible people who aspire to become the best they can be. This organization has allowed me to work within the community by doing community service and becoming more involved through other school events. I am grateful for this organization because I feel as though I belong somewhere and I have something to look forward to other than simply going to class. One of my favorite memories from HALO was our social at Camp Alexander on Halloween. I felt like I became closer to the other members of HALO through that social.  I encourage others to join HALO because you will feel like a part of a group who encourages you to aspire to become better. By joining HALO you will become involved on campus and meet other students. 

PR Jennifer Rosales

 VP of Public Relations

           Major: Nursing

       Hello, I am a sophomore nursing student at ESU! I joined HALO because I'm passionate about my Latino culture and helping out the Hispanic community. It has benefited me in many ways but most importantly it makes me a part of a group of people who share similar interests as I do which only makes your college experience better. I encourage anyone of any race to join because you make friends with a lot of new people. HALO holds many event and creates many fun memories. My favorite memory with HALO would have to be our Christmas gift exchange party




Dr. Gregory Robinson