Membership in Beta Alpha Psi includes those persons of good moral character who have achieved scholastic and/or professional excellence in the fields of accounting, finance, or information systems, who have been initiated by an existing chapter and who remain in good standing.

Minimum scholastic requirements for undergraduate membership are set forth in the by-laws. Graduate student initiates must have been accepted and matriculated into a masters degree level program. Individual chapters may establish higher admission criteria.

Basic requirements for membership in Beta Alpha Psi at ESU are:

1)  3.0 or above GPA
2)   Completion of one course beyond the core cirriculum (Please ask for verification. Most students who have completed at least one junior level course in their cirriculum will meet this requirement.)
3a)  Accounting, Information Systems, or Finance major
3b)   MBA Student with an accounting or information systems concentration (Concentration requirements apply only to new candidates. Please ask for details.)
 4  Complete a membership form
5 Completed at least one semester at Emporia State. 


The Board establishes a program for chapter activities to serve as a guide and incentive for chapter competition. The goal of chapter activities is to involve all members fully in chapter affairs. SUCCESSFUL CHAPTER OPERATION REQUIRES PARTICIPATION BY MOST MEMBERS IN ATTENDING MEETINGS, SERVING ON COMMITTEES, PARTICIPATING IN ACTIVITIES, AND STRIVING FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.

All chapters are evaluated annually on their service to members, campus, community, and profession. Superior chapters are recognized each year at the Beta Alpha Psi's annual meeting.

Chapter activities are divided into categories according to: plan of activities and budget, initiations, professional programs, involvement in campus and professional activities, community service, and annual year-end report. Activities include speeches and panel discussions by students, faculty and professionals; field trips; business meetings; and a wide variety of professional, social, and service activities.

Employers of accounting, finance and information systems students are familiar with Beta Alpha Psi and its activities. It is understood that Beta Alpha Psi represents excellence and that its activities are designed to supplement a student's education.

The activities of student members include:

  • attendance at chapter meetings, socials, and recruiting events,
  • attendance at regional meetings, and
  • attendance and participation at the annual meeting.


Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary organization for accounting, finance, and information systems at AACSB accredited universities.