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Instructional Planning + Classroom Protocols

Comprehensive guidelines and protocols for classroom safety

Emporia State University

Pandemic Response Considerations for Instructional Planning + Classroom Protocols


Procedures outlined in this document are intended to provide guidelines for faculty, staff and students regarding instructional planning and classroom procedures during modified face-to-face instruction. These guidelines follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and other best practice resources and are likely to continue to evolve as more is learned about COVID-19.

These procedures are only as good as the implementation. It is important that each stakeholder take their responsibility seriously and are well informed regarding execution of these protocols. Each stakeholder is accountable for staying up to date on expected protocols. It is understood that some protocols may not be appropriate for each type of classroom; however, each entity is responsible for implementing those protocols which are applicable to the maximum extent possible.

The stakes are high. Our students were very understanding about the challenges we faced in the second half of Spring 2020. But in the fall, they will rightly expect a higher level of preparedness on our part and a better experience overall, regardless of how the pandemic affects our plans. Faculty members will need to design their courses flexibly and to employ technology effectively. (Cordle, email communication, 5/18/2020)

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