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ESU Fall 2020 Return to Campus Health + Safety Guidelines for Hornets and visitors

Guidelines for Hornets and visitors

Stay well and help protect your Hornet Family by following these health and safety guidelines.

  • Complete daily self-assessment before coming to work
  • Face mask - Wear face coverings in all campus buildings and outside when social distancing of 6 ft. is not possible
  • Wash hands frequently use soap and water OR use a 60% - 90% alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth
  • Use appropriate cough + sneeze etiquette
  • Keep your phone on your body - Avoid leaving it on countertops
  • Carry your own pen - Avoid leaving it on countertops
  • Replace handshakes with waves, nods and “Stingers Up”
  • Personal workspace - Disinfect everything in your work and office space on a regular basis
  • In-Person Meetings + Gatherings - Limit group size, maintain 6’ distance, and use tele/video conference when possible
  • No more than 1 person should be in 1 elevator car at a time - Push buttons with your knuckle instead of your finger