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ESU Fall 2020 Return to Campus Face Mask Policy

Our goal is to be safe, healthy and stay in a face-to-face environment


Effective June 11, 2020

At Emporia State University, we wear face masks for each other.

Faculty, staff, students, vendors and visitors are required to wear a face mask while in campus buildings. They must also be worn in outdoor settings where safe social distancing is not possible. The following in-building exceptions apply:

  • Employees working alone in their offices
  • Students in their residence hall room
  • While participating in activities in which a face mask cannot be worn, or would prohibit respiratory function (like eating, drinking, playing a musical instrument or singing, playing sports)
  • Individuals with a recognized disability and have an accommodation that prevents the wearing of a mask.


Masking for a friend

Follow these best practice guidelines to mask well, because face masks are only effective if they are handled, worn and stored properly.

  • Cloth masks should have more than one layer of fabric and should adhere to CDC mask guidelines.
  • Wear it well. Make sure your mask fits snugly around your face, without gaps and covers from just under the bridge of your nose to under your chin.
  • When you take it off…Always store your mask in a clean place or in a paper bag when it is off.
  • Keep it clean! Wash and dry your cloth mask after each wearing, making sure the mask remains snug.
  • Be a good mask handler. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) to reduce cross-contamination anytime you handle your mask.
  • The outside of the mask should always be considered dirty, so don’t touch the outside or lower it below your nose/chin.
  • Do more than mask. Wearing a mask works best in combination with hand washing (20 seconds!), proper hand, cough and sneeze hygiene and social distancing (6 feet ). And avoid touching your face.


  • Masks provided. Two washable ESU cloth face masks will be supplied (via USPS) to on-campus employees in early July. Masks will also be available for student employees at that time (contact HR for mask needs).
  • Extra masks. Supervisors will have disposable masks for employees who are on campus before their ESU masks are received in the mail.
  • Keep it Black + Gold! Employee masks should not bear the emblems of other universities.
  • Documented accommodation. Employees with known documented health issues that prohibit the wearing of masks should contact Human Resources (620-341-5379) for a formal accommodation. Students should contact Student Accessibility and Support Services (620-341-6637).
  • Alternate service delivery (i.e. virtual meetings, location change) will be arranged for those who are unable to wear an appropriate mask.
  • Supervisors are responsible for holding employees accountable for wearing masks. Employees not wearing, or wearing an improper mask, will be asked to go home and return with an acceptable mask.