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Student Employees Who Miss Work Because of COVID-19

Students are eligible for paid COVID leave

Student employees are eligible for paid COVID Leave under the following guidelines:

Student Employees Showing Symptoms of COVID-19, 

Member of Student Employee’s Household Shows Symptoms of COVID-19, or 

Student Employees Quarantined by a Medical Provider due to Possible Exposure:

  • Do not come to work; you are subject to a 14-day quarantine based on possible exposure.
  • You will receive full paid leave.
  • Record in SSB: COVID Admin Leave
  • Note: Maximum of 14 days total, some exceptions exist

Childcare Needs Keep Student Employee from Working on Campus or Remotely:

  • Falls under Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA); employee must have been employed by State of Kansas for at least 30 days to be eligible.
  • Record in SSB: COVID Admin Leave
  • Have Department Administrative Assistant complete the Employee Leave Form using COVID Dependent Leave for the first two weeks and then COVID Childcare Leave for the following 10 weeks
  • Maximum of 12 weeks total
  • This process uses the maximum of COVID Dependent Leave, which will be unavailable if a household member later develops COVID symptoms
  • Note: FFCRA covers 2/3 of your pay while off work. You will be unpaid for the remaining 1/3 of your normally scheduled hours of pay.

Student Employees Who Choose Not to Report to Work (not directed by a medical professional to self-quarantine/isolate):

  • Employee does not fall into any situations outlined above and has not been approved for a work adjustment or ADA accommodation.
  • You may request time off from your supervisor through the normal process.
  • Because students don’t earn leave, the time off would be unpaid.