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October 20, 2020: On-Campus COVID Tests for Faculty + Staff

Message from ESU Fall Planning Group

October 20, 2020

Dear ESU Faculty + Staff,

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to evaluate and modify some of our policies on campus. One of those we now are modifying concerns ESU’s Student Wellness Center, which provides health services for students. We have, however, had some faculty and staff ask whether we could provide COVID-19 testing to them.

Beginning Monday, October 26, 2020, the ESU Student Wellness Center will evaluate symptomatic faculty and staff for COVID-19 testing in the interest of keeping our campus as healthy as possible. Our students are doing a good job of coming to the center with symptoms of illness, some of which require a COVID-19 test. Making this opportunity more convenient for faculty and staff can lessen our chance of a campus outbreak.

For symptomatic faculty and staff who require COVID-19 testing, the center will provide rapid antigen testing, which provides results in 15 minutes while you wait. This testing is most accurate during Days 1 through 5 of symptoms. Employees will need to bring their insurance cards with them, and may be subject to any deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurance as required under their current health plan coverage.

Please note that only licensed medical providers may order COVID-19 tests. Wellness Center staff will evaluate symptomatic faculty and staff. If a COVID-19 test is recommended, the licensed medical provider at the Wellness Center will order it. Your own health care provider cannot order a test for you to receive at the ESU Student Wellness Center.

Also, your health insurance will be billed and faculty and staff must have their information on file with the Wellness Center before the test. We will provide a way to upload your insurance card via a secure platform

Please follow these directions to use the same process that students already use:

  • Call the Wellness Center at 620.341.5222. No walk-ins are permitted.
  • Park in designated parking spots behind Plumb Hall and call the Center to say you’ve arrived. Remain in your car — it is your waiting room.
  • If you are on foot, sit on the bench outside the entrance on the west side of South Morse Hall and call the Center to say you’ve arrived. Stay on the bench — it is your waiting room.
  • The nurse will call you when ready and meet you at the front door of South Morse. Do NOT enter the building until the nurse opens the door for you.

It is possible that your symptoms may indicate other testing possibilities, such as for strep or influenza. These can be processed at the same time if desired. There may be charges connected to these additional tests that will require payment, such as insurance copays.

All of your medical records will be maintained under the same HIPAA guidelines your own health professional uses. Testing results will be shared only with you and public health, as required, unless you provide written permission to share with someone else.

We hope this modification of our policies will help faculty and staff receive tests they need with the convenience of not leaving campus. In the end, we believe this will benefit the entire campus community — students, faculty and staff.


ESU Fall Planning Group