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August 13, 2020: Faculty | Reminders Before Classes Start

Communication to Faculty from Provost David Cordle

August 13, 2020

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

At this point I’m trying to avoid sending you information that you’ve already received, but it might be useful to underline just a few things as we get ready for the start of classes next week:

First, you probably recall that faculty members will be able to decide whether or not their Spring 2020 student evaluations will be included in faculty personnel processes. But you might not remember that in order to exclude Spring 2020 student evaluations from these processes, the faculty member must inform their department chair by Monday, August 17, the first day of Fall 2020 classes. Please note that deadline.

Second, I want to emphasize that our requirement for wearing masks in campus buildings is especially important in the classroom. You may occasionally find it necessary to remind a forgetful student to mask up. If the reminder doesn’t do the trick, it’s perfectly appropriate to ask the student to leave. I hope you don’t encounter any ongoing problems with students, but please know that my office can help if that occurs.

Finally, please be aware, if you aren’t already, that the Instructional & Classroom Protocols document—distributed as an email attachment on July 1, and also available on the Hornet 365 Return to Campus website—includes a protocol for sanitizing high-touch classroom surfaces between class sessions, and that instructors and students are asked to help with that. Visit this web page for a quick summary of how it works.

All classrooms are equipped with spray bottles of Vindicator disinfectant and paper towels.

After class, exiting instructors are asked to spray Vindicator on classroom touch points (door handles, light switches, instructor’s station surfaces) and on the desks or tables where students have been seated. The Vindicator is left to dry.

Before the next class, entering instructors are asked to wipe off any Vindicator that remains on classroom touch points, and to ask entering students to do the same at their desks or tables.

I realize that none of us had any of this in mind when we chose to become educators. But these are steps we can take to keep everyone as safe as possible and to increase our chances of having a successful semester on campus.

Thank you in advance for your help, and for all that you’ve done to prepare for the new academic year.

Best regards,

David Cordle

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs