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March 16, 2020 Message From IT: Learn Anywhere for Students

Communication from IT to students

March 16, 2020

Good Afternoon Hornets,

Sometimes the unexpected happens. When it does, ESU is prepared to keep on teaching and keep on learning. Don’t worry! Your faculty, and everyone here at ESU, will do everything they can to make sure your course stays on track and you are moving to graduation. While your faculty members will reach out to you with more information for individual course(s), this message has information about remote learning and technology needs, as well as a few other notes and reminders.

Learn Anywhere!

An ESU webpage (Learn Anywhere) has been developed that provides detailed information about the services available to you and the resources you can expect faculty to use while teaching remotely, including:

  • Getting Started guidance and tips for moving to an online class
  • Access and information for all your FREE online software (Microsoft Office, Zoom, Canvas, etc.)
  • Suggested equipment you may need to work remotely (laptop, headset, webcam, etc.)
  • Computer Lab & Specialized Software information
  • Support Information & FAQs

Other Helpful Online ESU Resources

Our student services offices are working hard to modify their services to online methods to limit disruption and to help you succeed. These additional resources are also available through your Learn Anywhere site.

Technology @ Home – Be sure to test it this week!

Your faculty members will reach out to you with more information for individual course(s) and are the first great resource to resolve any potential issues with accessing your course materials. We have also provided general guidance on ourLearn Anywhere site for what suggested equipment and connectivity you may need to learn remotely. Be sure you TEST all your hardware, software, and connectivity THIS WEEK! We've created a quick checklist on the Learn Anywhere site - CHECKLIST HERE.

If you have a technology-related hardship, please speak with your faculty member, as a starting point. You can also Contact IT if you are unable to reach your faculty member(s).

Digital Accessibility

As always, ESU strives to provide an inclusive environment that will ensure you have access to the tools and services you need to be successful. If you have an issue, you can:

  1. Check with the faculty member of your course
  2. Contact Student Accessibility Services
  3. Contact the IT Help Desk

Protect Yourself Online!

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, please be aware that malicious cyberattacks are increasing. Attempts to take advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak are occurring, including more social engineering attacks, scams, and fraudulent activities delivered via social media, email, texts, phone calls, and other means. As a reminder, you can always forward questionable email to for help ensuring it is legitimate.

Stay Up to Date!

If you need to refer back to previous messages that have been sent to students, all messages are now available on the ESU COVID-19 website for easy reference. You can track important technology related updates on a timely basis by following us here:

Can’t Find What You Need?

That’s OK! We’ll do our best to get you taken care of. Your faculty, and everyone here at ESU, are here to help you succeed. Use any of the information above but, if all else fails, feel free to contact me directly. As an ESU alum and fellow Hornet I, and everyone else at ESU, care about your success.

Warm Regards,
Cory Falldine
Associate Vice President & CIO
BSB ’06
MBA ‘08