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March 16, 2020: Message to International Students from Dean of International Education

Communication from Mark Daly, Dean of International Education

March 16, 2020

Dear international students,

We understand that you have many questions and concerns in this unusual time. Please know that we value you as a person and as an ESU student.

This email aims to address some of your questions. Please read carefully.

To everyone

  • Please pay close attention to emails and social media posts from ESU, OIE, and other ESU offices.
  • OIE will host a Facebook live to answer your questions at 10:00 am on Tuesday, March 17 (Tomorrow!)
  • Contact the OIE through email, call at 620-341-5374, or even send messages on Facebook Messenger (@esuoie) instead of coming to the OIE to ask questions.
    • This will help all of us practice social distancing.

If you are staying in Emporia

  • If you live in a residential hall (dormitory), your room and meals will still be provided.
    • Res Life is working on possibly moving residents to a one person per room model

If you are planning to go back to your country

  • This is a family decision—talk to your family and make the best overall decision for you.
  • If you plan to study here next semester, you must enroll for the next semester
    • If you need to leave before your advisor can enroll you, talk to your advisor so pre-enrollment will get done while you’re gone.
  • You must bring your I-20 to the OIE to get a travel signature before your departure.
    • If you need to leave before the OIE can sign your I-20, leave your I-20 and arrange to get it mailed to your home country.
  • If living in a residential hall (dormitory), talk to the Res Life staff first.
  • If living in an apartment, talk to your landlord and make proper arrangements.
    • Contact electric company, city for water, and internet company, if necessary.
    • Keep in mind you might not be able to come back as soon as you hope.
  • Don’t fall behind with your classwork and pay close attention to the class instructions and deadlines
    • ESU does not know when classes will go back to face-to-face.

This email is available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. For translation, please click links below.




Best regards,
Mark Daly