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March 12, 2020, message from Director Cass Coughlin, Residential Life

March 12, 2020, Communication from Cass Coughlin, Residential Life Director

March 12, 2020

Dear Resident Hall Students,

For complete University updates please consult:

Here are important specifics related to ESU campus housing as of today, March 12. Please note these changes help the campus achieve social distancing as part of our campus response. It is important to note these are temporary measures during ESU’s active response to COVID-19.

Card Access/Access to the Halls

As possible we strongly encourage students living in the residence halls to stay at home. In situations where this is not an option, or you need access to your room for a specific period of time, the residence halls will continue to be open on a limited basis. As such, all residence card access will deactivate at noon on Friday, March 13, 2020. To activate your card access complete this survey to indicate the dates you need access to the residence hall:

Room Depopulation (Social Distancing)

In order to achieve social distancing, students living in the residence halls will be moved to single rooms. For further guidance go to the reception center at your building.

Double room - If both roommates return to a double room, Residential Life requests students self-identify who will move to the new room.

Suite room - If more than two roommates return to a suite room, Residential Life requests students self-identify the one or two students who will move to the new room. The two students who remain in the suite must reside in different bedrooms.

Tips for moving

Only move the necessary items. Do not move all of your items.

Adjustments and Reductions of Services

ESU Residential Life

  • Reception Center hours 2pm-4pm daily
  • Kitchen hours 12pm - 9pm daily
  • All meetings, programs, and events are canceled through April 10.
  • We will operate with reduced staff during this time.
  • We request residents to practice “If you see something, say something.” Residents will provide important input regarding building concerns and issues while staff and services remain limited.

ESU Dining

ESU Dining has adjusted their hours.

The Nest 

Brunch 11am - 1pm 

Dinner 5pm - 6pm 


7:30am - 11am

The NEST will be set up to encourage social distancing: maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet) from others when possible.  Please do not move chairs closer together. The NEST will be serving the food to eliminate multiple people handling utensils. Salads will be pre-made and we will ask you to swipe your own card so we are not passing the card back and forth.

The Buzzcotti will be open for grab and go items and convenience store items for flexibility to eat in your room.

On behalf of Residential Life, I want to thank you for your adaptive response as we navigate COVID-19 response on our campus. I will continue to communicate with you in the coming weeks.

Cass Coughlin (he/him)

Residential Life