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Aug. 20, 2021: Faculty + Staff $300 vaccine incentive

Message from Human Resources

Aug. 20, 2021

Faculty and Staff,

A new fall semester is here and we are excited to be on campus and giving the fullest student experience possible. In previous communication we shared that wearing face masks and getting the COVID-19 vaccine are our way forward amidst the pandemic.

That’s why we’re announcing today that all Emporia State University employees will be offered a $300 incentive to get vaccinated. If you’re vaccinated already – great. You’re also eligible to receive the incentive. If you are not yet vaccinated and would like to take advantage of the incentive, you must receive your final shot by October 4.

You’ll have to move fast – you’ll need a first dose of Moderna no later than September 3 or Pfizer no later than September 10, and then be diligent to follow up with your second dose by October 4. The single-dose J&J vaccine also qualifies. Go to for a vaccination location near you today!

All employees who get a vaccine will have $300 applied to your November 12, 2021 paycheck!

  • Complete vaccination process (two doses – Moderna and Pfizer; one dose – J&J)
  • Submit proof of vaccine no later than Monday, October 4, 5:00 p.m. CDT

Employees who are taking classes from Emporia State University will only receive the $300 incentive and are not eligible for the student incentives. Additionally, student employees are not eligible for the faculty and staff incentive.

If you have any questions please reach out to Thank you for keeping our campus community safe and together in this new academic year!