Minor in Theatre

Students who have majors in other disciplines may take a minor in theatre. The minor consists of 18 semester hours. Courses in theatre are excellent supplements for students planning careers in education, business, psychology, counseling, public relations, communication, law, and other fields that require the ability to work exceptionally well with other people. The theatre minor is an appropriate choice for students in the humanities or fine arts who wish to deepen their understanding of their major fields, as well as science majors who are seeking a breadth of undergraduate experiences. It is also an appropriate choice for students whose program requires a minor, as well as students who are required to have a second program of study under the degree Bachelor of Arts.

Required Courses (10 hours)
TH 121 Acting I (3)                                              
TH 131 Stagecraft (4)                                               
TH 381 Survey of Dramatic Literature (3)            

Elective Courses (8 hours) Students select from the following courses in consultation with an advisor. 
The chair of the department gives final approval to all minor programs.

TH 221 Acting II  (3)
TH 272 Theatre Projects (1)
TH 305 Theatre Tour  (1-2)                                               
TH 321 Acting III (3)
TH 325 Script Analysis (3)
TH 340 Play production (3)
TH 350 Introduction to Theatrical Design (3)
TH 351 History of Costume and Décor (3)
TH 383 Introduction to Shakespeare (3)
TH 390 History of the Theatre I (3)
TH 391 History of the Theatre II (3)
TH 426 Play Directing (3)
TH 457 Scene Design (3)
TH 472 Advanced Theatre Projects (1)
TH 497 American Musical Theatre (3)

For more information about this program, contact Stephen E. Catt, Chair, Department of Communication and Theatre; Susan J. Mai, SAC Advisor; or any academic advisor in theatre; at (620) 341-5256.

Revised Spring 2007

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