Communication Internships


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Eligibility Requirements

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Student Evaluation



Evaluation of Interns

Communication internships can be taken with a letter grade option or a pass/no credit option. Either option requiresthat a final internship report be completed by the intern. The length and nature of the report, as well as any other evaluation requirements, must be stated clearly on the student's learning agreement.

For the graded internship option, the faculty advisor has the responsibility to determine student grades. Inputs include the intern's final report to the faculty advisor, the Midterm and Final Review of Intern's Performance Forms completed by the site supervisor (if applicable), and the Learning Objectives Rating Form included in the learning agreement. Interns are responsible for delivering the correct forms to the site supervisor.

Although the standard performance evaluation forms have been designed to include behaviors that are typically valued within the internship program, all faculty advisors may choose not to use the forms or to customize the forms to fit their own unique evaluation requirements. The applicable work performance forms (if applicable) should be appended to the intern's learning agreement.

If a student is dismissed from his/her internship (or quits) because of performance, the student will receive an "F" for his/her grade, unless special circumstances apply.

The evaluation of the intern's learning objectives is included in the intern's learning agreement. Each intern's unique learning objective is rated by the intern, the site supervisor and the faculty advisor on the following rating scale.

  1. Failed to meet minimum requirements
  2. Limited accomplishment
  3. Average or expected accomplishment
  4. Exceeds average performance
  5. Unique or outstanding performance

The student's Internship Final Report to Faculty Advisor (Final Report) is jointly determined by the student and the faculty advisor at the time the learning agreement is completed. The Final Report may include a final paper or project, a journal of daily/weekly activities, a portfolio of completed work, or other agreed upon component(s). The Final Report is described on the learning agreement.