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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would a student want to take an Internship with a Pass/No Credit option?

A: The Pass/No Credit option provides a non-threatening alternative for a student who may be unsure about the impact of the site supervisor's evaluation on his or her grade in the course. The ESU Communication Department faculty member who offers the internship course is responsible for determining the student's grade for the course. Students who expect to take Communication Internship II 574/575 must take Communication Internship I 474 for credit.

Q: Where can a student get a copy of the Internship Application form?

A: The Internship Application can be printed from the ESU Communication Department Website or obtained from the Department of Communication office in 201 King Hall.

Q: What is the exact timeline for submitting/receiving approval of an Internship Learning Agreement?

A: Generally, a student should begin the process of obtaining an internship and completing the appropriate forms well ahead of the semester for which he or she seeks academic credit. The Internship Learning Agreement should be completed before the first day of class for the semester for which credit will be granted. Under certain circumstances the Internship Learning Agreement may be accepted through the normal drop/add period of the semester.

Q: What are the names of some companies/ agencies/organizations that might provide/have provided communication internships?

A: If you are interested in pursuing a field communication internship, please contact your faculty advisor for the names of past/prospective internship opportunities.

Q: What is the appeal process if a student gets an "F" because he/she quits or gets fired from his/her internship?

A: A student who receives an "F" because he/she either quit or was fired from his/her internship has the right to an academic appeal. Students should refer to the Student Handbook available in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs for procedures to follow to ensure due process requirements have been met.