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  1. Complete necessary admissions steps at
    ( You must be admitted before an offer can be made.)
  2. Fill out the Debate Information Form online
  3. Email the Director of Debate at
  4. Make sure you meet all eligibility criteria for a desired award. Scholarship forms for the official application process will be sent out to you. Please complete them in a timely manner; deadlines are important.
  5. Stay in regular contact. ESU Debate only finalizes monetary awards to admitted students.


For new students:

Any student who has made application and been accepted to Emporia State University is eligible for scholarship consideration. A scholarship application form should be filled out, as all first year and transfer students are eligible for the Alumni Scholarship. ESU Debate does not make monetary offers to students who have not applied to the University. Application are generally taken in two cycles: end of fall and middle of spring semesters, contact the Director of Debate for details at

The admissions website is here

For current ESU students:

Any student may apply for a scholarship award that meets current squad guidelines for GPA. Preference given to students with extensive policy debate experience, but none is necessary, we have given scholarships to novices in the past. Contact the Director of debate for details on scholarship awards at


This page explains all forms of scholarship available to Emporia State University debaters. Awards are generally made in combination to form a total package, as long as a debater meets the requirements and guidelines.

Walter E. Myer Scholarship fund

This fund is a grant from the Dean of Liberal Arts and Science to the debate program from the Walter E. Myer Memorial Scholarship fund. To be eligible for this fund, you must be majoring in a field in the College of Liberal Arts and Science. If you receive this award and you are not a LAS major, your reward will be rescinded (undecided majors are not eligible). Renewable at the discretion of the coaching staff.

George R.R. Pflaum Scholarship

This awards is based on monies collected and distributed to the Pflaum Scholarship Fund, in memory of former Director of Debate George R. R. Pflaum. The person receiving this scholarship is designated as the Pflaum Scholar, and is expected to maintain a solid academic reputation, as well as being a successful member of the ESU Debate program. Renewable at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Debate Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the Alumni Scholarship Committee, made up of two faculty members and the Director of Debate. The committee awards this scholarship to one incoming freshman or transfer student based on GPA, perceived ability to succeed in debate, and other criteria. Being a Communication Major is not required, but is a favorable factor. This award is not renewable, and is only given the first year of attendance.

Work Study/Student Hire

Opportunities are available for federal work-study positions associated with the debate team. This is not a scholarship and is available to persons who perform jobs for the debate team that are not related to competition or research. Students interested in this opportunity will have to interview and compete against other students interested in the position(s). If you are interested in helping with ESU Debate but are worried about travel commitment and time investment, there are many other opportunities through this non-scholarship fund to be a part of our tradition (website management, managing our recruiting database, university activities coordination, etc.).


Perspective on Scholarships

Scholarships are given to debaters to assist them in competition for the coming year. They are not a reward for past success or can they ever fully compensate for the time most debaters spend on the activity. They are given to help assist and reward debaters for current effort in regards to the Emporia State University debate program. That projection of what your current effort will be is based on your experience with the program. If you fail to meet that projection, your award may be reduced next year. If you exceed those expectations, you can expect that your projected assistance will increase for the coming year. All scholarships are subject to students meeting the Squad Guidelines.

Debaters receiving awards have the following expectations, regardless of award level:

- Maintain 3 “office hours” per week. Duties may involve everything from typing to practice speeches or rebuttal drills.

- Attend all meetings called by the coaching staff. 

- Travel to 3 tournaments per semester. This means be available for 3, without reason for not traveling. If you “can” go, but are not eligible for grades, dedication, missing office hours, that is not sufficient.

- Be a good citizen of the program, the department and the University community and contribute to overall progress of Emporia State University debate through maintaining a good squad environment and timely completion of all work assigned

- Maintain all academic eligibility in accordance with Squad Guidelines, including attending class on a regular basis.

- Meet any other citizenship or eligibility requirements set forth in the Squad Guidelines.