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National Champions


r1 Aff W James Madison University — Jacob Bosley and Elyssa Miller*
r2 Neg L Wake Forest University — Erica Duff and Maddie Langr*
r3 Neg W JCCC — Brenden Brower-Freeman and Jesse Nation
r4 Aff W University of Central Oklahoma — Zack Bates and Greg Munday
r5 Aff W Northern Iowa — Abbie Shew and Zach Simonson*
r6 Neg W University of Nevada Las Vegas — Christian Bato and Alex Velto*
r7 Aff W Oklahoma — Chris Leonardi and Michael Masterson*
r8 Neg L San Francisco State University — Nancy Andrade and Natalie Teter*
Trips Aff WWW (bye/fft) Bye or closeout
Doubs Aff WWW Weber State University — Dillon Olson and Khalid Sharif*
Octas Aff WWW Oklahoma — Dominique Baker and Kaine Cherry*
Qrts Aff WWL Oklahoma — Rashid Campbell and George Lee*
Semis Neg WWL Oklahoma — Chris Leonardi and Michael Masterson*
Finals Aff WWWWWLLLL West Georgia — Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano*


Rd 1 Neg WWL Idaho State University — Roger Copenhaver and Matea Ivanovic
Rd 2 Aff WWW Puget Sound — James Stevenson and Jack McGougan
Rd 3 Neg WLL Oklahoma — Chris Leonardi and Michael Masterson*
Rd 4 Aff WWW USC — Ideen Saiedian and Clara Purk
Rd 5 Neg WWL Emory University — Matthew Pesce and Jason Sigalos*
Rd 6 Aff WWL Harvard — Bradley Bolman and Michael Suo*
Rd 7 Aff WWL Harvard — Anna Dimitrijevic and Daniel Taylor*
Rd 8 Neg WWW Michigan State University — Evan Hebert and Kaavya Ramesh*
Octs Aff WWWWW University of Michigan — Kyle Deming and Kevin Hirn*
Qrtrs Aff WWWWW Wake Forest University — Joe LeDuc and Ian Miller*
Semis Aff WWWWW Oklahoma — Chris Leonardi and Michael Masterson*
Finals Aff WWWLL Northwestern University — Peyton Lee and Arjun Vellayappan*