Before Graduation Information

Graduation letters will be e-mailed to undergraduates to their ESU e-mail address at the end of October.

  • Not graduating after all? If you do not plan to complete the degree requirements for the December 15, 2018 graduation, please notify the Degree Analysis Office in Plumb Hall, Room 108H, by calling 620-341-5150, or by e-mail.
  • Change of name - If your name will change prior to the December 2018 graduation and you wish to have your new name appear in the commencement program, you must report your name change to the Degree Analysis Office (Plumb Hall, Room 108H, 620-341-5150, or e-mail) by November 1, 2018.
  • Senior announcements - There are two ways to purchase announcements:
    • through the Memorial Bookstore; or
    • call CB Announcements, 1-800-433-0296, to obtain mail-in order information or go on line at

It takes two to three weeks to process announcement orders, so we suggest that you place your order as soon as possible.

  • Purchase academic apparel - Caps and gowns, which are required for participation in the Commencement Exercise, are ordered and paid for online at  Please place your order by October 29 to ensure that your academic apparel is available for pick-up after December 3.  Orders being shipped directly to your home address must be placed by November 23. The Bookstore hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Phone 620-341-5214 or e-mail at should you have questions.

The bookstore will also have graduation apparel available at White Auditorium on the day of graduation. (About academic attire)

  • There is no rehearsal for the commencement exercise; instructions will be available at the assembly point.
  • Academic Achievement - Those graduating seniors who have a sufficiently high cumulative grade point average (CGPA) based on their last term of attendance will be recognized as outlined below. The recognition of achievement at the graduation ceremony is provisional and does not become final until all grades have been recorded. The recognition will appear on the diploma and the transcript.
    • All hours counted toward the baccalaureate degree will be counted in the calculation of the CGPA for purposes of recognizing achievement at graduation. A student must have completed at least 45 hours at ESU by the time the degree is conferred to receive this recognition. (Grade point averages for Honor Students listed in the Commencement Program will be based on the work up to, but not including, the current semester.) Grade point averages for honors distinctions are:

Summa cum laude - 3.90 to 4.00
Magna cum laude - 3.70 to 3.89
Cum laude - 3.50 to 3.69

    • The Honors Council will recognize those individuals who participated in the Honors Program. In addition to recognition based upon CGPA, students who satisfactorily participated in the Honors Programs will have the achieved designation entered on their diploma and transcript.
    • A list of students who are eligible to wear honor braids will be provided to the Memorial Union Bookstore. Honor braids are purchased at the bookstore prior to graduation or at the "extra apparel" area at White Auditorium prior to commencement. Letters will be sent to students receiving academic recognition at graduation approximately two weeks before the ceremony. Students are required to provide their letter to the bookstore when picking up the honor braid.
  • PERKINS LOANS and/or STAFFORD LOANS (SUBsidized/UNSUBsidized).  If you have borrowed from any of these loan programs while attending Emporia State University, you are required to complete an exit interview before leaving school.  If you have received both Stafford and Perkins loans while at ESU, you are required to do an exit for each loan program. It is possible for you to complete this requirement online.  Follow these simple steps:


1)    Go to: and click on "Complete Exit Counseling"

2)    You will need to logon using your FSA ID.  If you have not created a FSA ID since May 2015, you need to do so at

3)    Once you are logged in click “Start”

4)    Choose “Kansas” and “Emporia State University” in the drop-down menus, click “Notify This School”, and “Continue”.   Complete the tutorial and answer the questions throughout the tutorial.  Notification of your completion of this requirement will be sent to us from the U.S. Department of Education.

5)    If you need assistance completing Stafford Loan counseling contact the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships & Veterans Services in Plumb Hall Rm. 103, or by phone at 620-341-5457; toll free 800-896-0567.



1)  Log-on to


3)  Enter School Code: 3R

4)  Account Number: SSN

5)  Pin/Password--If you don’t know your Pin/Password you can retrieve it in one of the following two ways: have ECSI e-mail the pin/password by clicking on “Email My Password” (only if you have registered your e-mail address using ECSI’s Update Information feature) or please call ECSI at 1-888-549-3274.

6)  Complete the required information. If you need assistance, please call 620-341-5340 or go to the Perkins Federal Loan Office, Plumb Hall Rm. 103P.

Other Important Information

For those students who are unable to complete their exit interviews online, interviews may be completed by going to the appropriate office, as follows: 

·         Stafford Loans, Office of Student Financial Aid, (Plumb Hall 103), 620-341-5457; toll free 800-896-0567.

·         Perkins Loans, Perkins Loan Office (Plumb Hall 103P) 620-341-5340

  • Complete the Senior Survey.  The invite will be sent to your ESU email account in November.
  • Incomplete courses, fines (from ESU Police & Safety, WA White Library, etc.) and financial obligations - Please attend to these matters immediately. Failure to do so may result in holds being placed on your transcript and/or diploma. In order to graduate as of December 15, 2018, all incomplete grades must have grade changes submitted to the Academic Records Office by the instructor by January 15, 2019.
  • Correspondence, extension courses, or work from another college - Students with work not previously transferred to ESU must have all official transcripts of their work sent to the Registration Office (Plumb Hall, Room 108, or by e-mail) in order for the credit to appear on their ESU transcript. All are on file with ESU. You do not need to request that another copy be sent - we only need transcripts with new work.  Transcripts must be received no later than January 15, 2019. 
  • If you have questions about accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact the Office of Disability Services and Non-Traditional Student Programs at Emporia State University at 620-341-6637 V, 620-341-6646 TTY, e-mail: Advance notice of 72 hours is needed.