Bachelor of Science -- Major in Chemistry

The BS chemistry major is designed to provide the necessary background in chemistry for employment in the chemical industry, for pre-professional education requiring chemistry (pre-med), for continued study at the graduate level, or for a combined career in chemistry and engineering.

Students desiring to complete the American Chemical Society (ACS) accredited program must take the required courses listed below plus: 1. CH 725 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, 2. one course from among CH 724, CH 760, or CH 772 and 3. CH 726 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab. Advanced courses in biology, mathematics, or physics may be substituted with departmental approval. Courses in German and computer programming are highly recommended. Please consult with an advisor in the Chemistry Department for current details.

I. General Education Program

See the current university catalog or Click here for details.

II. Major Area Required Courses

CH 123/124

Chemistry I & Lab

5 hrs.

CH 126/127

Chemistry II & Lab

5 hrs.

CH 376/377

Quantitative Analysis & Lab

5 hrs.

CH 479

Undergraduate Research

1 hr.

CH 525

Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry

3 hrs.

CH 560


3 hrs.

CH 572/573

Organic Chemistry I & Lab

5 hrs.

CH 574/575

Organic Chemistry II & Lab

5 hrs.

CH 720

Physical Chemistry I

3 hrs.

CH 721

Physical Chemistry Lab

2 hrs.

CH 722

Physical Chemistry II

3 hrs.

CH 480

Seminar in Chemistry

1 hrs.

CH 777

Instrumental Analysis

5 hrs.


46 hrs.

At least one of the following must be chosen:

CH 724

Topics in Physical Chemistry

3 hrs.

CH 725

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

3 hrs.

CH 772

Organic Reaction Mechanisms

3 hrs.

In order to earn an ACS-certified BS degree, the following two courses are required.


Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

3 hrs


Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab

2 hrs


One advanced elective from the following:

CH 723

Advanced Physical Chemistry Lab

2 hrs

CH 724

Topics in Physical Chemistry

3 hrs


Nucleic Acids Biochemistry

3 hrs


Topics in Biochemistry

3 hrs


Topics in Organic Chemistry

3 hrs



III. Major Area Elective Courses

Select additional chemistry courses to meet the student's goals.

IV. Required Associated Courses

These courses are pre- or co-requisites to CH 720 (Physical Chemistry I) and should be taken as early as possible:

PH 190/191/192

Physics I, Lab, and Recitation

5 hrs.

PH 393/394/395

Physics II, Lab, and Recitation

5 hrs.

MA 161

Calculus I

5 hrs.

MA 262

Calculus II

5 hrs.

V. Additional Electives

The student may select additional courses to total 124 credit hours. The University requires 45 hours of 300-level and above course work. All baccalaureate degree students are required to pass competency exams in reading, writing, and mathematics.

** Note to Pre-engineering Students **

Pre-engineering students may elect to earn a B.S. degree in Chemistry from ESU and a B.S. degree in Engineering from Kansas State University (KSU) or the University of Kansas (KU). The required chemistry courses and most general education courses are completed in three years at ESU, and then the engineering requirements are met in two additional years at KSU or KU.